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On August 26 and 27, Hwa Nan held a two day training for midlevel administrators. “Highlighting unique features, expanding advantages, staying true to original aspirations, and working hard in unity”, the theme of this year’s training, is geared towards uniting thoughts, clarifying the direction, and improving political integrity and administrative competence. More than forty leaders, midlevel administrators and relevant people joined the training.
President Ren Jianhong gave a report entitled “Rallying public support, consolidating efforts, and forging ahead.” She made an analysis of the current situation and development trend of vocational education in China and clarified that the future goal and direction of Hwa Nan is to become a four year vocational college. She said of developing better academic disciplines with particular strength in education, art and nursing majors. She asked to promote positive campus culture and to build a beautiful and green campus. She emphasized of creating incentives to forge cohesive forces and gather support to speed up the development of the college.
Party Secretary Wang Haiyan made a speech about individual mission and responsibility in the new era of Hwa Nan. She analyzed the challenges and opportunities of Hwa Nan, asked all midlevel administrators to center around the development goal of Hwa Nan, actively assume responsibilities and obligations, and make best efforts to fulfill the task and work.
In the training, all midlevel administrators learned effectively through listening to lectures and studying documents. They came up with new thoughts, new ways and new measures in the group discussion. The highly effective and wide-ranging training program strengthens midlevel administrators’ sense of responsibility and plays a crucial part in promoting unity in thought, enlightening the mind and jointly seeking development.