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According to the regular epidemic prevention and control plan and fall semester reopening schedule, students returned to Hwa Nan in staggered time slots on Sept. 1 and 2, restoring vitality to the quiet campus after shutting down for eight months. The welcoming home red banner waved in the wind, touching the hearts of students being away from campus for a long time.
To ensure students’ smooth returning, Hwa Nan has made full preparations, sanitizing and disinfecting the campus, cleaning all air conditioners and washing machines in the dormitory, and changing filters for water dispensers. All faculty and staff conducted emergency drills. Sufficient anti-epidemic supplies were prepared for safety precaution.  
To ensure student’s safe returning, on the morning of Sept. 1, President Ren Jianhong and Party Secretary Wang Haiyan led other college administrators, staff from offices of Student Affairs, Security, Business Office, and Clinic, secretaries of Party General Branches, volunteer faculty members to welcome students at the school gate. Before entering the school, students wore masks during the screening, their temperature taken, health QR codes checked, and their luggage and shoes disinfected.   At the dormitory, they were given “health kits” which contain masks, thermometers, alcohol-based sterilizers , mini spray bottle, epidemic prevention pamphlets, and ziplog bags. Some departments distributed hand sanitizers and mineral water. 
In hot and heated weather, students were well organized and various offices conducted entering procedure orderly. Following the school reopening plan, when all students return back to the campus, Hwa Nan will give them “the First Class for the New Semester”, strictly implement morning and noon screening and submit reports on a daily basis.